The Line Chart of Your Business

Have you ever considered, if it was drawn out for you, what the line chart of your business would look like?

Picture it right now: Are you on the right path? Is it going in an upward trajectory? And if so, how so? Are you focused on the macro point of view (the big picture of your business overall)—the direction of the line as a whole, or are you focused on a micro time frame—the direction of the line in the more present, short term window?

As long as our line is moving up overall in the long term scope, we are on the right path. But how about in the more immediate scope of things? If your line is heading down right now, is that a bad thing? If you say ‘yes’, why do you say that? What if you are simply in ‘coast’ mode and speeding down the hill that you just climbed? Looking back at your journey thus far, you see that your business has always rebounded from the downturn and headed back up in revenue on the flip side. It all shows to be just a matter of time.

I have started to shift my way of thinking when considering downturn and upturn in business. There are other ways as well to perceive your line chart of business. (Bruce Lee said, “Use no way as way.”). We could look at the growth sectors in the graph as representing flying downhill on the bike after climbing up and the decline in growth represented in the graph as the focused climb to the top of the hill.

For me—going back to what I am selling—the growth represents the climb. It is the climb for momentum and motivation in preparation for the downslide in growth. Because “what goes up must come down”. And what goes down must go up! I prepare for the downslide by growing, by getting stronger. The reward is in the climb anyway, correct? When our line is on the rise, we are in ‘reward’ mode, position of growth.

The downslope in my graph represents flying down the hill on my bike after I just climbed it. ‘But Tyler, that represents decline in growth—less revenue, less exposure, not as much interaction, perhaps lack of focus, etc.’: true. But what is the trade-off? In going through that, I am preparing for another big climb to a destination that is going to land me further than I have ever been. I am going to smile and enjoy the wind at my back as I fly down this hill and yell something with maybe an expletive! I will rise again. I earned this. The laws of nature are taking its course, and I am going along for the ride.

With this perception, the negatives are still negative (which is necessary—laws of nature), but they are not so powerful. There is more balance between ‘positive’ and ‘negative’: They are more blended together as one. There is more positive in the downturn and more negative in the upturn. Negativity, after all, does not have to be a bad thing. There are good negatives and there are bad negatives. And the same is true for positivity, but that is another blog article all to itself.

This is balance. And this is my outlook. Besides, we still have to focus and stay in control coasting down the hill. Or else we pick up way too much speed and quite possibly wipe out! We have to stay focused on the downhill to be prepared for the next hill to climb.

Thank you for reading this blog post. On a side note: If you are interested in picking up on perhaps a different perspective and are open to mapping out a line graph for not only your business but your life overall, check out the link below from Stanford University. It is an exercise for doing just that.

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  1. Hey,

    This is a really interesting article. I know what the big picture of my business is, but at the moment I am creating my products so I am very much in the detail. This is good though because I am still increasing my influence on social media by sharing valuabel content daily and posting my articles weekly.

    My plan is to get my products completed by the end of June, and then I will focus more on the big picture and what I need to do to sell these products.

    What do you think of that approach?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  2. Great post man, the ups and downs of business can be very hard on the head I find if you dwell on the immediate picture. I do internet marketing and it can be addicting to check your google search console stats daily. Little changes in a day but when you zoom out and take a look you get a better picture of the trajectory of your business. Keep on keeping on is the key. Thanks again man. Have a good one.

  3. Interesting perspective…if I look at my graph its a bit wobbly. As I started a couple of business and then had to wind up after few years. Had to take up a job for survival…then started something as a freelancer but could devote time as health took a beating. Now again I have taken a job and stated a side hustle. So If i look at my graph its all over the place….but what i have noticed is every experience has made a better person and i feel it is important not to have “straight line” as that would lead to stagnancy. Ups and down, curves are vital for growth and momentum.

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