The Aim Of Big Business Reads (BBR)

The aim of Big Business Reads (BBR) is to provide a forum for discussion about books that have been read or books that visitors and the creator of BBR are currently reading. An open and honest discussion is encouraged. What did you receive out of a particular book? What have you connected to in reading that book? Is there anything you disagree with or are uncomfortable with? Is there anything you have read that has had a deep impact on you? An awakening so to speak?

Articles aside from books specifically are written here as well. These articles have to do with the different aspects involved in business.

Guests are able to purchase the books showcased here at BBR. You will not find as many books displayed here at BBR as you will on other sites. More and more book titles will be added as we go along. What is being strived for and prided on is the engagement of our guests who visit our site, and providing an exceptional experience as far as networking and support goes. The small collection of books here at BBR is meant to catch more of your attention and hold more value in how you the readers are being connected to each title being presented. All books can be found in “The Showcase” which is on the menu at the top of the page. By clicking on the highlighted name of the book title within the body of the post, you will be able to make the purchase or inquire more about it. You are able to make purchases of hardcovers, paperbacks, audio books (CD), and ebooks.

Welcome to Big Business Reads!