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Pull back the curtain. Welcome to Stress Strategists! This is an older book – it was published in 1986 by Royal Publishing, Inc.. It is not written by any one person in particular. It is made up of 23 chapters written by a different person each chapter. All of them contribute their own views, knowledge, and teachings on dealing with stress, and each person has had strong success in their respective fields.

This is a very good book. Each chapter gives a different perspective on dealing with stress and how to manage it. It is nice to read from a bunch of different people coming from a variety of professions. It keeps it fresh and new each chapter embracing the paradigm of each one of these people.

In the chapter titled, “Stress Is Such A Bother – Or Is It?”, the writer shares his views on stress being beneficial in some ways. He points out that stress can share with us some things that may be ‘out of whack’ such as reasons for dealing with fatigue, or, stress can challenge us to endure and thrive through tough situations.

Chapter 14, titled, “A Holistic Approach to the Stress of Life”, is written by a man by the name of Frank Wm. Varese, M.D.. Mr. Varese obtained his medical degree from the University of Bologna – stated to be the oldest university in ‘western civilization’. It was founded in 1088. It is said to be one of the most prestigious universities in Italy and Europe and commonly ranked first throughout different categories in national rankings. He then went to the U.S. and pursued his post-medical training there.

At the time of this book’s publication, it is written that Frank Varese ‘maintains a medical practice in Laguna Hills, California’. But after ‘googling’ his name, it appears that if it is the right person that came up in the search, he had moved the location of his practice to another location in California. Dr. Varese has also been a teacher, writer, and public speaker. He has taught holistic health and nutrition at a California college for many years. He is also known to be very knowledgeable of ‘eastern’ philosophies, and religions.

Dr. Varese has been a cofounder and charter member of the American Holistic Medical Association. His various other associations have included the American Medical Association, the American Society of Contemporary Medicine, the California Medical Association, and the Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain.

This chapter starts off with a great quote by Edward Bach, M.D., in 1931: “The abolition of disease will depend upon humanity realizing the truth of the unalterable laws of our Universe and adapting itself with humility and obedience to those laws, thus bringing peace between its Soul and itself, and gaining the real joy of happiness of life.”

Dr. Varese opens the chapter with “A Simple Biology Lesson”. In the 6th paragraph section of the chapter, he talks about what all members of the animal kingdom have in common. He uses man, a butterfly, an eagle, and an amoeba as examples in this lesson. After I researched what an amoeba is, I thought, ‘What an odd member of the animal kingdom to connect to the rest of this group.’ But it quickly makes sense as you read along where he goes with that.

An amoeba is a one celled organism with no set shape and is extremely adaptable. They are common in water and soil. They can cause diseases. I encourage you to take a quick look online at some images to get a better idea as to what type of organism it is.

Dr. Varese describes that all four of these animals and all other organisms are able to endure many different situations of stress by adapting. All organisms are able to move their bodies and change position in response to to their surroundings and change in environment.

The French physiologist, Claude Bernard (1813-1878) is referenced as to have ‘made the observation that all living organisms, including man, possess the ability to preserve a constancy of their internal milieu – despite changes in their surroundings.’ When I read that, I immediately thought of Dr. Victor Frankl, a holocaust survivor who was able to keep strong in his mind and keep all his wits together while being imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp. His story is beautiful and extremely to the utmost, inspirational.

Dr. Varese goes on to instruct that as long as an organism is able to maintain homeostasis (the ability of organisms to maintain a stable balance or equilibrium), ‘it is able to survive and experience a state of wellness.’

It is when stimuli becomes too intense that stress is created. This can overtake the organism’s ability to deal with that stimuli which in result causes its homeostatic balance to be destroyed. This can then lead to disease, and eventually death.

Humans are then compared to amoeba cells because both humans and amoeba cells are able to adapt to many stimuli surrounding them and survive. ‘But, when stimuli are too intense, the amoeba succumbs.’ What separates us from the amoeba cell and every other animal on the planet, according to Dr. Varese, is our brain. As intricate and diverse as the human brain is, and as much good as it can facilitate, the thoughts that stem from our brain structure can also cause a huge amount of stress. We need to very much take care of what we all think about.

Dr. Varese goes on to describe how good nutrition, an adequate amount of exercise (not too much), a good amount of sunlight, and some other pointers to focus on such as relaxation and meditation can all minimize one’s stress levels, and create that homeostatic equilibrium that we all desire.

That chapter is just one great chapter amongst many other ones. I focused on it so heavily because reading it really gathered my attention. The times we live in at the time this was written – dealing with Covid 19 – I am sure has a lot to do with that.

Stress Strategists is a great book and is definitely worth reading. I believe you will find tremendous value in picking this book up and giving it a good read. Sometimes these older books are worth dusting off! 😉

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  1. This does sound like a really neat book to get your hands on and see what their opinions are out there on stress. There are many examples that we have in our everyday life.
    those are the most memorable and if you held your temper through it as well this can be hard if you have a temper.
    This would be good for us to see what other strategies there are for stress meditation is a great one.


    • Hello Matthew and Deloris. Thank you for visiting the page and leaving a comment. I very much appreciate that! Right on!

      Yes, this is a great book, and I am glad that you see the value in what it covers. I encourage you to click on the title of the book in the body to gather more information on the book, and perhaps, make a purchase. There is a lot more information and strategies shared within the book in regards to stress and meditation, for sure.

      Take care, and be safe.


  2. Hey Tyler,

    I am so pleased that I came across this article, and the book that you share. This year has been so stressful for most people around the world, and I think we all could do with having a stress strategy, especially for the new year.

    I am going to share this article with friends and family as I believe it will help them and will hopefully enable to pick up the book that you describe.I will let you know what they think and if they have any questions or issues then I will advise them to get in touch. Is that OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hello Tom. I am glad you appreciate and enjoyed the article. Thank you very much for giving it a read and leaving a comment. And most definitely, that is perfectly okay with me to share the article and to encourage anyone to get in contact with me if they have any questions or want to engage with me in any other way. This is what BBR is all about! That is my goal: To have open discussions and strong engagement between the visitors and myself.

      And no doubt about that – this year being very stressful for many people around the world. This book shares a tonne of great information and teachings/instruction in regards to stress management – from eating good to meditation, to living a healthy balanced life in terms of work and the rest of life.

      Another great chapter that stands out in my mind right now is chapter two, “The Stress of Success” by Wayne Cotton. Wayne Cotton has had a very successful career in the insurance industry. In the chapter, he details his journey dealing with stress in his life. He went from living an extremely stressful existence due to over-working himself in his career – it caused him severe health problems – to clearing up his health issues by de-stressing and living a more balanced life. He quit working so hard, and created more time for relaxation and fun activities/hobbies. Mr. Cotton is one of the persons who brought everyone of these successful business people to the table in order to put this book together.

      I have never seen another book similar to this one, as far as the contribution to writing it from many people spanning across a number of different industries and professions. It is brilliant.

      Take care, and be safe.


  3. Hi Tyler. I agree with the writer of the chapter about stress maybe not being such a bother. Stress can be a good thing. If we didn’t experience stress we probably wouldn’t recognize danger either. And wouldn’t have developed our fight or flight response.

    And physical stress can be good as well. By putting a lot of tension – a lot of stress – on our muscles, we develop them. I always thought that was a good way to look at mental stress as well. If we would tension our muscles all the time, we would be exhausted after a while. Same result does mental stress have.

    Interesting book to read all those different opinions, by the look of it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Hannie. Thank you very much for reading this post and commenting. Yes, you nailed it out of the ballpark. You hit the ball right on the button. After reading this book, I really changed my perspective and outlook on stress. It is important to not accept stress in a way that will allow it to fester and take a bad hold on us. Instead, we should embrace it and manage it better so that it can work for us and not against us.

      This book is tremendous! It gives a wide range of practice techniques and requirements for managing stress. And the writers go into great detail sharing with us their experiences with stress. From it having a bad impact on their lives due to mismanagement to learning how to deal with it and manage stress in ways that allow them to live healthy, and more prosperous lives.

      You are welcome Hannie. I appreciate that you found value in the article. Thank you again.

      Take care, and be safe.


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