Motivation: Subconscious Mind Vs. Conscious Mind

What happens when someone has been “done wrong” by someone else? One of the things they might declare is they are going to use that particular situation and what the other person did wrong as motivation for moving forward and gathering more out of life.

I have always been uncomfortable with this. It seems to hold captive too much energy that could be used for much more useful purposes. I, myself, have acted with my conscious mind in thinking this way. In fact, most recently in my life, this has been the case. Within the last couple of weeks, I had a falling out with a good friend, and chances are we will never speak again. Some bad things were said between both of us, and it was a tough thing to go through with this person because I considered him to be a very good friend at one time and someone I have cared very much for. But I caught myself thinking about using that situation as motivation moving forward. But then I was like, ‘No!’. Let it go.

What I came to realize or consider the other day was that everything we go through is logged in our subconscious. That situation between me and that person is banked in my subconscious whether I want it there or not. But I do want it stored there. That is exactly where I want that resting, as well as other situations and circumstances throughout my life, good and bad.

As long as a person is moving forward in wanting more out of life, and striving for continuous, consistent growth – their motivation for wanting to live a better life stems from everything within their subconscious. I believe that too often we feel it necessary to bring everything to the forefront of our mind, the conscious mind. And that is not necessary. In fact, I believe it can hinder us.

It is like “talking to ourselves”. Why do that? In order for those thoughts to even be processed means they were already in place. Is it not just a waste of time and energy to speak them to yourself with your free will, whether out loud or within yourself? It seems that we want to make so much in life “conscious”. Maybe that is due to an underlying fear of the unknown, or a lack of control. If we learn more about the subconscious mind, we might then realize that there is lots to trust in with the subconscious and perhaps it is a much safer rest for the mind, a place in the mind that we can take great comfort in, and roll with much easier moving forward.

I need to trust more in my most inner core and let myself flow more freely. Life does not have to be harder, or a constant uphill battle. We do not need to complicate things. We need to embrace each moment more, in good times and tough times, and rather then, ‘Go get it’, bring it in.



  1. The subconscious is quite a mystery to many, myself included. I definitely agree with what you are saying that every situation, conversation, and experience are stored somewhere in there.

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