Jake Paul Vs. Ben Askren

Sports are big business (but let’s not talk ‘betting’). Now this fight is not going to pay either one of these fighters “Floyd Mayweather vs. Connor McGregor” type money, but both of these fighters are going to make dollars that—to most people—may not make sense!

Jake Paul is a YouTube sensation that decided to take up boxing. And with only two professional boxing matches under his belt—he won both by knockout—he is now preparing to step in the squared circle with a well-known mixed martial arts fighter with a lot more experience as a professional.

Ben Askren is highly esteemed and attained the majority of his success overseas in Japan fighting with One Championship where he was a star. While fighting in Japan, he was well-known in the rest of the fight-fan-world. Many people anticipated him making his way to the UFC a lot sooner than he did. No one thinks that it was because he wasn’t good enough that he didn’t fly his name under the UFC banner sooner. A two-time national champion in college, he took his ground game to the professional mma world and never deviated much from his wrestling background. Watching him for the first time without knowing his history, one would pick up that the root of his fight game is wrestling.

I would bet that with Covid and all, this fight will still draw many more viewers than the two fighters in the picture up top! 😉 Both of these men are going to be paid very well for this fight—for the fight itself and for the pay-per-view buys.

Click here to check out an article by Ariel Helwani from ESPN. There is a quick video as well with Ariel Helwani interviewing Jake Paul.


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