How To Better Manage Our Time Effectively In Business

This is a detail that is so much more than a detail! How we manage our time in business determines how effective we can be and how effective we become.

Managing our time in business is not just about how much time we put into building our business, but just as important, it is about the quality of time we put into building our business. We must put in quantity to apply quality. But the question and detail as to how to manage your time effectively in business is defined by quality. After all, we can all do a lot with less. Less can be more. In the end, it all comes down to how we manage the time we put in whether it is a lot of time or a short amount of time. Quantity and quality are subject to relativity like so many other elements in life. Someone may say that they put in a lot of time working on something. But did they match the quality of time to the quantity of time? Better yet, how about exceeding quantity with quality? That takes a tremendous amount of focus and hard work. But granted, even though less can be more, with more time comes the opportunity of putting in more quality. So, more can indeed be just that, more(!) – as long as you apply the right quality. This feels like it could lead into another great topic to write about for another post: Balance.

For many self-employed people, especially those with a home based business, procrastination and not building consistently can be a real strong temptation. Dragging out the step of actually settling in and beginning to work can cut into extremely valuable time. And for people who have a full time job and are building their business on the side making way to transition full time to their business, the value in that time is compounded exponentially.

I understand. You work your full time job Monday through Friday for 40 hours – maybe more (maybe even much more), and you want to relax in the evenings when you get home. Better yet, on the weekends, you want to relax even more and enjoy the fruits of your labour by going out with friends and taking in some entertainment. That is all good, and it is important to do all of that.

When we are talking about quantity, we are talking about discipline. It takes discipline to commit time to your business no matter what level of success you have acheived. Many people preach about turning discipline into habits. I do not like habits – neither bad habits or ‘good’ habits. I highlight the feeling of control when it comes to my actions. I want to be in control of myself and actions always. I have no intention of ever having habits. Commitment requires discipline. Discipline requires action. Commitment, discipline, and action are interdependant and can be interchangeable.

It is difficult to put in the proper time towards your business long term with out commiting time to building and being disciplined in taking action on that commitment. One reason for that is because as human beings, we can be caught up in our feelings. So even if we realize how important it is to buckle down and put in that work, if during time available to do that, we feel like sitting down, relaxing, and watching a movie, the temptation can be very strong to do those things.

What I have incorporated into my building routine and control is setting a block of time like a work schedule for a job (Monday – Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm for example). Maybe you have a full time job and are building a business on the side. How about getting up early on Saturdays at 5:00 am and beginning to work on business at 8:00 am and finishing at noon? Sunday, maybe you want to sleep in a bit after going out with some friends Saturday evening. Go from noon to 4:00 pm. What about during the weekdays? How does 30 – 60 minutes every weekday seem to you? That gives you lots of time to relax the way you deserve to after working that 8 hour day at your job. That gives you time to make supper, exercise, and spend good, quality time with your family. Maybe you want to put in more or less time over the course of each week into your business building. It’s up to you! What about you full timers? How does does waking up between 4 and 5 seem to you?! Let’s do it! How about getting at it starting between 6 and 7 am and finishing up strong at around 6 pm?

Bring it all in! That’s my preferred way of saying, ‘Go get it!’ 😉



  1. Time management is something we all struggle with, right? Especially when the to-do list is so long and we’re working full time, it can be difficult to figure out how to get it all done. Your advice on being committed and disciplined is excellent, thanks for sharing that!

    • You are welcome Jessica. I read something interesting recently about Warren Buffett. He has a 5/25 goal setting plan. That is where he writes out his top 25 goals and then narrows it down to the top 5 from those. He then gets rid of the remaining 20 goals. When he is finished with the top 5 goals, he then resets and writes out another 25. The items on his previous list from the remaining 20 may be on his new list, or they may not be. 🙂


  2. Tyler. that’s an interesting perspective you give about habits, not wanting to have habits but control. Your post is inspirational though. It is a matter of quality time put into a business that will help to make it successful. You can put in a large quantity of hours but if they’re not productive and quality hours then what have you accomplished?

  3. Spot on! Discipline is my most important things when I comes to managing a business, and in fact even one’s own life. If you want success, you need a personal vision to drive that discipline and make sure that you fully can commit quality time and work to achieve your goals.

    Recently I have been lacking in the quantity of my work, but I’m not upset about it. That’s because now I am starting to work much more efficiently by putting in the time and the quality when I can. It’s all about taking steps, rather than skipping them or missing them all together and letting your competition, time, and goals pass you by.

    It is indeed as he said in that start of the video that the most successful people do something definitely, and that’s managing their time. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a classic example!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I needed this!! I really struggle with time management but writing it down along with a set time frame helps me with self disciple to actually do it instead of binge watching my favorite show!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Very informational article on managing your time effectively in business and this is an important skill to learn in all aspects of our life besides business, I am happy to say your blog provides a feeling of comfort to just hang out to learn from your posts


    • Ahhhh… That is a nice breath of fresh air type of ‘ahh’ Jeff. 🙂 Thank you very much for those kind words. I really do appreciate that. And I agree with you that effectively managing our time is just as important in other areas besides business. In fact, managing our time in business and other areas feed off of each other and in some way, direct each other.

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