The Why of Work

Bonjour!  Welcome to The Why of Work by Dave Ulrich and Wendy Ulrich.

This book is one of those extra ‘Big Business Reads’.  Have you ever wondered how to create a good work environment?  How about what to look for in order to find a good workplace to work in?  Or, have you searched high and low for a book that is geared towards employees?  Being a great employee is in fact ‘big business’.  This book is meant to touch all people in any position within an organization including employees.

The Why of Work is willing to take you on a real nice journey.  The Ulrich’s really soak on the ideal of employers creating a strong synergy amongst organization, management, and employees.  A synergy of inclusivity, respect, encouraged growth and opportunity, openness, and one more noun amongst many others that could be named – care.  This synergy can only be present if it is real and genuine.  There is no faking it.  People of any company know if they are working in that sort of environment.  Those people are not only reading about it in the ‘Welcome To The Company’ handbook upon being hired, and on the staff bulletin board in the lunch room, but most importantly, they feel it.  That synergy written about goes both ways.  It is up to an organization to implement those values, but it is equally shared by the employees to honour that vision for an environment and to contribute to it.  So when it comes down to ‘how to create a good work environment’, it really comes down to what every player within a company (regardless of position and title) is willing to do in order to achieve the environment and culture that is desired.

The Ulrich’s do a great job in expressing the shared responsibility between employers, management, and employees to create that strong, cohesive work environment and culture.  It can be easy to see and feel how the outcome of that is a workplace which is more enjoyable to work in, and more productive.

This book is recommended to any business owner, executive, manager, and employee in any sized company who is looking for a more positive direction to go within themself and/or the organization that they are a part of.

Check it out!  The Why of Work is definitely one of those big business reads.  😉

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  1. Hi Tyler,

    This book would be a good read on how to create a better work environment.
    I agree with your recommendation that any business owner, executive, as well as employees, should go hand in hand in creating a good environment for better results on their jobs.

    Thank you for sharing,

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