Do It! Marketing

Do It! Marketing by David Newman is a book that uses a widespread lens to showcase strategies and tactics practised and taught by the author to market products and services in a wide range of industries.

David Newman is an adulated marketing coach and spokesperson. He has built a strong career speaking to big audiences spreading his insight and expertise with his brand, Do It! Marketing. He has an assortment of clients that range from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and American Express. His outreach has also been showcased in large publication outlets such as Entrepreneur magazine, and Fast Company magazine.

Do It! Marketing is a really good read. Along with the great advice on marketing through such channels as social media, email, and other outlets, there are tasks along the way that David Newman encourages the reader to complete. Some of the tasks include writing out brainstorming pointers as to how to better connect to a prospect or client during the sales process. These tasks are worked through along the way with guidance, insight, and pre-instruction from Mr. Newman in order to ultimately and effectively complete each exercise. This in turn is meant to help the reader grow and expand exponentially in terms of their salesmanship/performance and results in the field.

The information and guidance Newman shares in regards to all the different vehicles used for marketing at a high level is extremely enlightening and eye-opening. It is a good bet that you will want to dive right in and take advantage of the different ways to market your products and services that perhaps you were unaware of or did not know much about before reading this book.

David Newman also drops names of people within his network and provides links from those sources along the way to provide further connection for the reader’s growth. These sources have shared influence and inspiration with Newman along his career’s journey and he does not go without giving credit and reference to those people in the book. This is a real nice light touch on his part in writing this book that every reader can appreciate.

If you decide to pick up Do It! Marketing, enjoy! Appreciate the experience and tremendous value that David Newman wants to connect you to in order to help you amplify your sales and compound your profits.

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