Can Reading Help With Our Success?

I believe reading can help anyone with success. For me, beginning to read good, strong tutorial books written by prominent, successful, and wealthy business people has helped me form new connections. I feel as I read these books that I am welcoming a new member to my team! I am at a point in my career right now where I am very focused on independance working towards interdependance. I have some good personal mentorship as well. One of my main mentors in business is a lady who was the first female CEO with the company she is with. I am grateful for her. I know that I could go to her for anything. I have received her advice and ‘know how’ for many things.

I also have great mentorship online in helping guide me create and build Big Business Reads. I am a member of a tremendous network that provides awesome and right on point support, and I am so grateful to cross paths with this network, and make that connection with them.

In the past, I was not keen on reading ‘self-help’ books for business or life in general. I felt like I would just go along and figure everything out along the way. I realize now that reading good books can help me gather inspiration and lead me to discover and better decide on my motivation for doing what I do. I feel encouraged to expand on my vision and mission for my life. Reading the right books can better help prepare me for oncoming situations and scenarios that may not be in the forecast right now. Preparation for such things comes by learning how to better manage pressure, or deal with stress. It comes with learning new strategies to better manage my time and resources so that I could be more efficient at getting to where I want to be in life/business – in the short term and the long term. It is inspiring to read and hear about the triumphs and struggles that some of the most successful career people go through and experience.

It is so interesting and intriguing to absorb the words of these people. What they are willing to share with me is wrapped in my gratitude. I truly feel as I read their tutorials, their teachings, and take in their knowledge/philosophy on life and business that I am embracing them as my mentors. Stephen R. Covey is my mentor. Dr. Saul L. Miller is my mentor. And so are many others. Life is beautiful, and the limitless number of paths that everyone of us can undertake to grow in this life and become stronger, and more adept at embracing more and more of what life has to offer is amazing.

I started to feel a growth in me in reading those books. I could feel it in my energy. It became evident in my efficiency and my progression by moving closer and closer to my goals and dreams. I felt the shift in my mindset and the setting of my priorities. I started to take account as to how I navigate through committing to ‘building’ time and putting in work.

Books such as The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, and Performing Under Pressure: Gaining The Mental Edge In Business And Sport have provided support for me. I have directed my reading of these books and others into the motivation and inspiration that help keep my faith strong. Inspiration is stunning!

Feel inspired. And if you lack it at any time, you can always gather more of it by reading good books. Inspiration can be such a key to your success!





  1. Great article, they say all the millionaires spend 30 minutes a day reading! I’ll just have to read a few more articles on your page to hit my quota!

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