Buying Vs. Borrowing…

Purchasing a book vs. borrowing a book from the library: which do you prefer?

I am going to give you my most honest opinion and view on this matter at this time. Buying a book will allow you to really take your time reading it and absorbing the information on the pages. Renting a book from the library will save you money. I will give you a great example of what I am getting at here. I recently read a really good book titled, Do It! Marketing, by David Newman. I rented this book from the public library. At times, I felt rushed to get through it all (there are sometimes many other things throughout the day that you want to get done). On top of simply wanting to get through the material quick enough to get the book returned on time to the library, the author includes exercises and tasks throughout the book for the reader to work through. I chose to focus on reading through the book first, and then going back and completing the tasks just so I could make sure that I would have the book returned to the library on time (or not too late so that I could avoid too big of late charges).

As I am working through the exercises in Do It! Marketing, I have picked up another book to read. This book (Stress Strategists) is one of my own personal books. Ahhhh…. what a relief I am feeling to be able to take my sweet time by reading nice and slow and thoroughly embracing the words coming off the pages and into my mind [my beautiful mind 😉 – can I write that?]. After pounding out a bunch of borrowed books from the library having to deal with the uncomfortable nuances that come with doing such a thing, now reading a book that belongs to myself feels amazing (please respect the literal exaggeration in honour of the ‘relative’ exuberance)! Yes, I am winning! 🙂 Please, don’t take me too seriously…

This all got me thinking and encouraged me to write this post. You see, there are different factors that determine what may be best for you in choosing between purchasing vs. borrowing. If you are rich, my advice is to just buy the book. Haha… Jokes, kind of. If you are not rich, and perhaps would consider buying the book down the road, but first would like to check it out for free to determine whether or not buying the book is something you will want to do, then borrowing first would be best. There have been books that I have rented from the library that I most definitely want to now purchase, or that I have purchased. Just like going into a book store (online or in physical), I appreciate checking out the selection of books in the library as well. If one catches my eye in the library, it is easy enough to sign it out, read it, and perhaps then purchase it so that I could dive deaper into the value that I could receive with it in possession. And of course I realize that wealthy people can go about picking up their next book the same way.

The final factors I am thinking of when considering whether to buy vs. borrow are:

  1. You don’t know where that book in the library has been… really! Where has it been? What adventures has it been on? Was it in the bathroom in the hands of a ‘toileter’? Were the pages turned with food encrusted fingers once in awhile interrupted from the encrustation by the inner workings of the mouth? And so on…. sorry..
  2. Fresh new books with crisp pages swathed in a decadent cover delivered to you out of a box brings forth an unswindled and undeniable appreciation for the look, the feel, and the sweet smell of of, oh yes… the same aforementioned book cover and pages… (just take my writing as it is…).

There you have it folks!



  1. Hi Tyler, this post really caught my attention and you have given some really good pointers above – eek to some of the places the books have been. I have been a reader & buyer of books for years and gathered a collection but I also like to keep my possessions to a minimum therefore I gave 50% of them away to a book exchange last year and this year decided to donate the rest to our local library as they were all recent books and in excellent condition and dare I say, some were still unread. I chose this route because I can go back and loan them if I seriously want to read them but eeek they may have been places I wouldn’t have taken them lol. Our library also gives us access to their extensive range of online, digital books. I do agree though, there are some books I like to read and re-read as I get a different perspective each time or they are great learning tools and these are the ones I would purchase and keep for a bit. I have some classics I will not part with. Just wanted to share my perspective on Buying vs Borrowing. Thanks for a fantastic post topic!


    • Hello Christine. That is a great post, thank you. I appreciate that. I do need to edit that page, however. Thanks for reminding me! Just the end. I did some research on ebooks, and they are not as bad on the eyes as I thought. They have a different type of screen then computers and cell phones, probably especially for that reason. I guess computers and phones are not willing to go to that type of screen because it is not just words that people are focused on when on a computer and cell phone. It is graphics – movies, web pages, games, and so on. 🙂

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