Business: Work, Life: Balance

I wanted to be creative with the title on this one. It took me a bit of looking at it like a piece of art work hanging on the wall in the art gallery to realize, yes, that is exactly how I want to title this article. I’m not even sure what it means!

Anyways, work, life balance. Business is work? Okay, I am definitely onto something (put a ‘haha’ and a ‘wink’ here?).

Okay, for real this time. Let’s get on with it. Business/work, life, balance. Work is a part of life. So how about just ‘life balance’ then? This is why sometimes people think ‘creation’ is poisonous Tyler! Come on, get on with it.

What I am figuring out that I am getting at is, ‘don’t think so much!’ Yes, Tyler, do not think so much!

Balance it all out as you see fit. Be well rounded. Don’t focus on any one thing ‘too much’.

What do y’all think? Leave a comment and let me know whatever you want me to ‘know’. And if you have a question or questions, please write them down in the comment box. What do you all think and feel about business/work and rest of life balance? 🙂

Cheers. Stay safe. Keep a clear mind. Peace.



  1. I really liked when you said, ‘ be well rounded, don’t focus on one think too much.’ I never thought about this too much before. Yes, if you want to create a balanced life then play a role of all rounder but flexibly. I will keep this learning in mind.

    Thank you so much

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    • Thank you very much Ali. I appreciate that. To be honest, I hope it was somewhat entertaining in an ‘entertainment’ type of well as well. That post was not meant to be too focused. Haha. That was a bit of the stand up comic in me surfacing. 🙂 But yes, this is a very important topic. I wanted to do something different with this post, be a bit more creative, short and sweet, and get people thinking even if it is not thinking about much right off the get go based on the post itself!


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